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Crowdsourced Targets

We rely on our community of potential customers to guide us. Suggest a SaaS tool, vote on the key features, and sign a pre-sale agreement, then 8090 delivers on selected projects each quarter.

Rapid Delivery

We pair experienced founders with offshore talent and homegrown AI development tools to quickly offer 80% feature complete alternatives to your existing SaaS tools quickly.

Low Cost

VC is broken. Blitzscaling companies incentivizes moving upmarket, rapidly scaling headcount, and a focus on velocity over profitability. As a customer, you pay the price with increasigly complex tools and runaway prices. We're building with discipline and passing those savings to our customers.

Bounty Based Improvements

Upfront, SaaS companies rip your face off when it comes to support and implementation packages. Long term, they're building for their largest customers, with new features adding bloat and creating a confusing product. We use a bounty based system to go from 80% to market leading, prioritizing features that existing customer demands and aligning incentives.

How it works

8090 works with the community to build alternatives for the SaaS tools you're already using.

Suggest a Project

Suggest a project or upvote an existing submission. Let us know what tool you’re using, how much you’re spending, and sign a non-binding pre-sale agreement to demonstrate your intent

Vote on Product Spec

When 8090 decides to build an alternative, we’ll follow up and do a discovery call to better understand your needs and how you’re currently using the tool today. We’ll deliver a product spec that defines the scope for our alternative. Customers with pre-sale agreements can vote on features to prioritize or deprioritize them. 

Provide Feedback

As 8090 builds an alternative, we’ll reach out to the community to help clarify gaps, test early iterations to provide feedback, and join as early customers for alpha & beta releases. 

Launch & Save

When 8090 releases the alternative to the public, all remaining pre-sale customers can purchase the product for 10% of the current spend and will receive a 15% discount for the first year. 

Step 5

Collaborative Roadmap

Suggest new features to the community roadmap. Upvote features by adding bounties to roadmap items you want prioritized. Join the developer network and your team can make the improvements themselves (and receive the bounty upon completion!) 

We can build anything

We're hyper efficient & relentlessly disciplined. We keep our team small, build smart, and are allergic to bloat. We pass those savings on to our customers, building a sustainable business so we can partner for the long term. The graphic below is straight from the webflow template, but I think it works?

Image of a well built website which represents working with RelumeImage of clients communicating effortlessly with Relume

Project Backlog

Fake suggestions from the (soon to be) 8090 community so far. Don't like what you see? Suggest a project!
Chat company
"We considered this. I made a bazillion dollars investing in Slack. So much ARR, yummy yummy. But I know two Davids (Sacksiepoo & DHH) are already doing this." - Chamath
Customer Relationship management
"[Where can I get a] CRM for founder-led early sales teams? Needs to be cheap, flexible, and not SFDC" - Daniel Mason
Email Marketing
"Why is it so hard to send a f&*%ing email?" - Every early stage founder


Simple pricing based on your current contracts. Guaranteed savings. Long term flexibility with no lock-in.

Current Software

$45,000 USD

Annual Spend
8090 Alternative


Annual Spend
Pricing Model
Per Seat
Feature Based Tiers
Usage Based Pricing
Flat-fee pricing
Pre-negotiated annual increases
Feature bounties
Community Core Features
Full Coverage
Full Coverage
Custom Features
Bounty based
Collaborative Development
Cloud Hosted
Tick iconTick icon
Self-hosted option
Tick icon
Contribute Features
Hell No
Hell Yes!
Contribute to the source & receive bounties for sharing your work
Single Sign On
Google SSO 
Bounty based support for other providers
Security & Compliance
Bounty based support for HIPPA, PCI, etc.
Implementation Fees
Support Packages
24/7 Email Support - 1 Day SLA
Pricing is in USD

Meet the team that saves you money

At least one of these people currently works on 8090. One definitely does not. Honestly it's unclear if anyone else works at 8090 or if this is even a real thing yet. The current GoDaddy placeholder site is pretty unhelpful, so I made this fake site.

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
Image and text that reads "started his first business at age 15"Image and text that reads "can play beethoven blindfolded"
"driven & friendly"

Chamath is the Chairman Dictator of the All In Podcast. Previously he worked at Winamp (acquired) and Facebook. He's also an active investor, which inspired him to start the 8090 incubator.

Portrait photo of co-founder Adam
Image and text that reads "can moonwalk like MJ"Image and text that reads "taught himself photoshop at age 12"
"passionate & creative"

Aaron is completely unaffiliated with 8090, but he likes the idea. He's passionate about low code & no code tools and interested to see how AI will change building early stage companies. He's also competent with webflow and had an hour to spare.

Frequently asked questions

Why did you make this fake site?

I like the concept. I don't have any strong mutual connections to Chamath, I made this on the off chance that I can get his attention to learn more about his plan. If you're reading this Chamath, let's chat! I'll happily hand this site over, and I'm happy to work with your team to build the real one.  

What's interesting about 8090?

I'm a big proponent of using low code and no code tools to build quickly in the early stages. I'm excited to see what happens when AI is added into the mix. I think the cost to develop software could go down 10x in short order (5 years? a decade?) I believe that's going to lead to development of tightly scoped, niche software that can cover use cases that were previously unprofitable. I also think it's going to keep some incumbent providers on their toes, and there's a chance to upend these bloated products with a simpler product and a much lower cost structure.

What's your biggest question?

How are companies like this going to get funded? I think VC can be great for big swings & blitzscaling, but it probably won't work for the "Small SaaS" model that is enabled by 10x lower development costs. PE isn't in the business of funding ideas, they probably won't fill the gap either. I think what Tyler Tringas is doing with the is Shared Earnings Agreement at Calm interesting, same with Andrew Wilkinson at Tiny. I'm interested to see what the answer will be & excited to see smart people taking swings in this area.  

Will you consider my suggestion?

Sure! I'm an incredibly curious person & I love building products. It's always fun to see what people are using and how they're solving the current problem. I'm well versed in financial services & real estates, and interested in many other industries. Submit your suggestion and maybe I'll reach out.  

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Just reach out on social media, we’re around.

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